Friday, 22 March 2013

Topshop Cream Blush- Morning Dew


Happy Friday! We've all toughed it through yet another week of our busy lives, I think we deserve a round of applause! So as you all know, Sunday was St Paddy's Day and me and my chum Rosie (you can find her blog here) decided to head off into the city for a spot of shopping. Although I had hardly any mula and the day started off on a bit of a downer (I won't get into that), we had a fabulous day and I ended up picking up this gorgeous blush from my all time favourite store, Topshop!

Topshop Cream Blush in Morning Dew- $12

I bloody love Topshop's makeup line. Everything has such nice packaging and lovely names and this cream blush was no exception! I had high hopes for this little product and I was completely satisfied. I can only describe this colour as a bright rosy pink? (i'm not good with describing words so bare with me) and is the perfect colour for a gorgeous naturally flushed look. It would be absolutely perfect for the spring time with its beautiful colour and the suiting name of Morning Dew, which is a tad unfortunate as summer here in sunny Australia is 22 days over and we're starting to get into that cool autumn weather now. Its also super pigmented and a little bit goes a long way so you definitely get your moneys worth! My only problem with this otherwise spot on product is the packaging. I love the look of it with the classic Topshop scribble-spots I like to call them and its perfectly sized mirror, but it is nearly impossible to open and when I do eventually pry the stubborn lid open, I get my fingers all in the product and ruin its fresh and new look and also, my poor nails. This may only be the case with mine though, I don't currently own any other Topshop blushes to compare this to. Other than that tiny flaw, I am so happy with my new addition to my ever growing makeup collection and at $12, it doesn't break the bank so I can go out and buy more guilt free! I can't wait to add some more of these cream blush wonders to the family.

 Are you a cream blush gal? or do you prefer powders? Let me know!

Pip pip!
Alex xx

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