As of May 2013, I'm offering readers a chance to advertise on my blog! I've noticed by looking at other blogs that doing this is a great way to discover new blogs, small businesses, shops etc. 

Button Swap: At the moment, i'm still trying to find my feet and such so I'll only be doing button swaps which will be absolutely free. You give me your button, I give you my button, and voila! Every month I will have one new button being advertised on my blog which will remain there for the remainder of the month and then I'll swap it over at the beginning of the next month and so on and so forth :)

If you're interested or want more details, email me at and i'll get back to you as soon as I can xx

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  1. Hi, I've emailed you about a button swap - please get back to me asap!
    Thank You -
    Sian Xx