Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Updates and A Chat!


I was originally going to write all of this at the end of my last post but it got a bit long and rambly so I decided to write it on it's own. It will probably still be quite long and rambly actually so you might want to go grab a cuppa or something to eat before we get going.

When in doubt, whack in a Disney photo

First of all how are you guys, are you good? I've been so busy lately I haven't asked! What's going on your lives at the moment,are you just simply trying to plow through school and exams and such like I am or have you got something special to share? Pop it below so we can all have chat and get to know each other and become one big happy family. You might make a few friends along the way!

Next I want to tell you what I have planned for my blog. I know you guys wanted me to write a post on my DOLLY 'modelling' experience, if you will, (ooer) with photos and stuff and don't worry, I haven't forgotten I'm working on that as we speak. I was just waiting for the DOLLY people to email through some photos and I got them this morning so expect that soon! It was also my birthday on Saturday and I wanted to ask you if you were interested in seeing a birthday haul? I know some of you love hauls so if you're interested in that let me know.

Lastly I wanna ask you guys a question. I recently got a 'big girl camera' (Canon 600D) and I was wondering if I should start a Youtube channel? I feel like it would be more personal as I could explain things to you guys better and you would be able to see my actual personality and stuff like that that can't be shown through a simple blog. If none of you guys are interested or won't watch/subscribe I won't bother but i'd really like to know what you think. Please please please let me know!

That's all for now! Talk to you guys soon! '

Pip pip!
Alex xx

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes


Aaahh here I am again apologising to you guys for my crap blogging. Blame it on my school they have literally been throwing assignments at us left right and centre and now exams are about to start up again, I just can't get away! Nonetheless I have made time to write (and not edit) this quick post for you guys so hopefully I can be forgiven. Let's jump straight in shall we!

L-R: Australis 'Sweet Pea', beindulged 'White', Topshop 'Peaches'n'Cream,' esscence 'Thats What I Mint', SinfulColors 'Unicorn'. 
Australis Nail Colour in 'Sweet Pea':
Oh how I love this colour, I can only describe it as a seafoam green? I feel like this colour is perfect for this time of year when we're transitioning into summer but we're not quite there yet as it's such a vibrant pastel colour if that makes sense. I actually wore this to a wedding in late September and I got sooo many compliments so I highly recommend it.

beindulged Nail Polish in 'White': 
This actual nail polish in itself is super crappy (you need four coats and it chips in one day) but I LOVE white nails. It makes you look so feminine and sophisticated! I haven't got much more to say about it really just that it's definitely perfect for spring. (Anybody know of a really good white nail polish? Let me know!)

Topshop Nail Polish in 'Peaches'n'Cream':
If any of you watch Zoella then i'm sure you're very familiar with this particular nail polish and I can totally see why Zoe adores it so much. Pastel orange is sooo cute for spring, I don't even know what makes it so appealing to me I just know that I love it (i'm really good at explaining things I know). Topshop nail polishes are really great as well, the formula is ace, there is literally every colour you can think of, it;s not streaky and there's only minor chipping after three days so if you're looking for a new nail polish Topshop is the place to go!

Essence Nail Polish in 'Thats What I Mint': 
Nothing says spring more like the classic mint nails, am I right ladies? There's something about it that puts you in the mood for cute picnics in the park and long flowy skirts and fruit smoothies. Essence have absolutely hit the nail on the head with their nail polishes too. They're cheap ($1.95, BARGAIN!), there's loads of colours, they're not streaky, you only need one coat and they last aaagggeeesss without chipping. All of the names of their polishes are also really awesome puns you literally cannot go wrong here.

SinfulColors Nail Polish in 'Unicorn':
Last but not least, pastel yellow! I think any pastel colour is really lovely for the spring time but pastel yellow just makes me thinks of flowers and bumble bees. That is literally the reason that it's in my top 5.  Pastels are such classic spring colours I really don't think they need an explanation as to why they're spring favourites, haha!

Sorry this post isn't very good, my head is all over the place so i've done my very best. I'm planning on writing an update post to fill you guys in on all of my plans for this blog and we can all have a nice chat (I promise i'll actually write it I swear). As always, If you want to see something specific on here just pop it in the comments or tweet me or email me or whatever and i'll see what I can do! Sorry again for not posting in so long!

Pip pip!
Alex xx