Tuesday, 24 September 2013

OOTD #1 || A Boiling Brunch


This morning, me and my chummy Rosie from Regent-St went and had a lovely little brunch together and thought it would be a splendid idea to do a cheeky OOTD. Since this is my first, It might be a bit lousy but bare with me. Before we start I would also like to thank her for her photography, fanks a whole heap chummy!

My outfit was just a quick throw-together outfit to make it look like I'd put some effort into it when I actually hadn't. We all have those outfits, am I right? I wore this cropped white tee from Jays Jays and these peach crochet high waisted shorts from a little bohemian Sydney boutique called One Honney (they ship internationally if you're not from Australia and would like to pick up something from their store!)

To make my outfit a little more interesting, I wore this Sportsgirl daisy chain flower headband. I've really been loving this lately and have been wearing it all the time! I adore the effect cute flower crowns can have on an outfit,  I need to get my mitts on some more of these babies!

On my feet I wore my white high-top Converse (surprise surprise) and on my nails I had my new favourite nail polish, Essie's Mint Candy Apple! Isn't it gorgeous? The ring on my left hand (silver with a black stone) was a gifted to me so I don't actually know where it's from, from memory it might have been from a vintage store? On my right hand I had a gold ring with a small peach flower on it that came in a pack of three from Lovisa (that I can't find on their website, sorry!).  

So, how did I go? I really like this outfit, it's so simple but looks quite put together. It was also cool enough for me to go out in on a 30 degree day and not melt and/or sweat to death which is always promising! As always, if you want to chat, have any recommendations or just want to say hello, pop them in the comments below and i'll get back to you ASAP. Make sure you follow Rosie's blog as well! She's just starting out and is doing such an amazing job. She definitely needs all of your amazing support so go over there and leave a comment on her recent blogpost saying that I sent you, it'll make her a happy gal. 

Pip pip! 
Alex xx


  1. Alex you look blummin' gorgeous! We need to talk again soon :) x


    1. Thank you Al! I just replied to your email then! Sorry about the wait xx

  2. Love the floral crown - so pretty! Plus, your rings are to die for!
    Rachael x

  3. just stumbled across your blog and its so cute!
    i love finding girls that aren't from england
    love the outfit

    - Lydia x


    1. thank you, there arent many of us thats for sure :P I think the blogging genius is in the air over in the UK! xx

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  5. You look beautiful, love your outfit!