Tuesday, 1 October 2013

5 Tips On How To Nurse a Sunburn!


As the bittersweet days of sunburn are upon us (and I know this for a fact because i've been burnt three times already, once on the back of my knees! Killer.) I thought a few handy tips on how to bring yourself out of sunburn city would't go amiss! I have been burnt countless times so now, naturally, I see myself as a bit of a pro at sunburn treatment (hey now) and you can't go wrong with a few pro tips! Of course if we kept reapplying sunscreen throughout the day like we should, we wouldn't get ourselves into this sticky and extremely painful (and sometimes peely) situation but hey, sometimes it's inevitable, am I right! I deliberately put the word "nurse" in the title because I'm sure you all know (especially the Aussies out there, holla!) that when you get sunburnt, you literally have to nurse yourself back to health. So, without further ado, the tips!

Tip #1: Moisturise. 
Yep. Moisturise. It's that simple! Just keep moisturising your whole body, concentrating a bit more on your 'area of impact' if you will, and you'll feel instantly better.The moisturiser will rehydrate your skin and eliminate the redness of it, hurrah!

Tip #2: Invest in some Aloe Vera Gel. 
This stuff is the shit, if you pardon my language! It's super inexpensive and you can just pick it up at your local pharmacy and you keep it in the fridge and then when you're sunburnt, you grab some and just smear this all over the burn. Because it's cold it feels sooooooo good and relieves the pain too. The Aloe Vera also helps the healing but is more to ease the pain so make sure you still moisturise as well as do this.

Tip #3: Drink Plenty of Water. 
When you're sunburnt, your body becomes very dehydrated as the sun has literally burnt you so it's important to keep up your fluids so you can rehydrate your skin and stop it from looking so red.

Tip #4: Keep Cool. 
This one is purely for your comfort. When you become sunburnt, you automatically feel hot all the time and there's nothing worse then being in a hot place when you're already steaming, so, just stay inside for a few days, get in front of a fan and eat an ice block and I guarantee your mood will improve by about 70%.

Tip #5: Avoid The Sun at All Costs.
This one is a no brainer. Think about it, if you go in the sun while sunburnt, you're just going to burn over the top of your old burn and it will end up being one big painful sunburn sandwich and it won't be pretty. It can also start Melanoma, a form of skin cancer, which would be terrible if contracted. Now is the perfect time to bring out that new beach hat you bought the other day and a cute pair of sunnies, throw on a romper and to sit under a tree and read a book or whatever instead of baking it up in the sun with your mates.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! If you follow these five incredibly professional tips I can guarantee you a fast and safe road to full recovery. As always I'm very interested to hear what you have to say so if you have one of your own secret tips to getting over that killer sunburn, help a mate out and leave it in the comments! Maybe yours will be the one that helps out the most instead of my rubbish ones! Haha!

Pip pip!
Alex xx


  1. Fab tips Alex! Sunburn isn't really an issue for me :p x


    1. youre so lucky that its not! In australia sunburn is an issue for everybody :P

  2. Aloe vera is absolutely my favorite when it comes to sunburns! Thanks for sharing :)

    xo Melane
    Anxiety|Depression|Panic Attacks

    1. It's sooooo good right!? Couldn't live without it :)