Friday, 15 March 2013

Cath Kidston Lilac & Lavender Hand Cream


So this darling little hand cream fell into my grasp when my gorgeous nana decided to spoil me bless her. I'm not going to lie, when somebody hands me anything Cath Kidston I'm not gonna refuse!

I think the signature Cath Kidston hand cream packaging with its classy metallic lid and floral design is absolutely beautiful and makes me feel quite prim and proper! The hand cream itself is so thick and luxurious and does its job wonderfully. Its quite thick but not thick enough that it leaves your hands feeling all slimey and you feel as though you can't touch anything for 15 minutes which I absolutely loathe. This little piece of heaven makes my hands so incredibly moisturised and soft and they feel as smooth as a baby's bottom afterwards! I feel as though nothing could ever be as good. The smell is to die for and is exactly as the label says, lavender and lilac, If i could buy everything with this scent, I definitely would! I usually apply this 1-2 times a day and that seems to be enough unless it's winter or I have particularly dry hands or something. This is a staple in my hand bag and as soon as I run out I'm going to race out and grab a new one, no matter the price! You can buy Cath Kidston hand creams here ranging from $9-$16. 

What's your holy grail hand cream?

Pip pip!
Alex xx


  1. I love Sportsgirl hand cream actually its quite lovely (sorry if i got you excited about somebody else commenting but its just little old me Zoe :) )

    1. bloody hell zoob i got super excited then