Sunday, 24 March 2013

Ombrè Hair


Ahh, here we are at the end of the blissful (and in my case stressful) two days we humans like to call the weekend! It was a kind of a lazy yet productive (?) one for me as all i did was sit on my ass at my desk and do assignments while my darling mum brought me in endless cups of tea *sigh*. Anyways, as i'm heading off to hamburger-a-go-go land (America) in just under two weeks, I thought I should get my ombrè re-done so the photos would look extra swish and exotic.
my ombre hair! I apologise for the crappy quality of this photo and my lack of makeup I was simply too excited about my new hair and had to take the photo right then and there! (that rhymed! aah!)

My mums best friend is in fact a hairdresser and has been doing my hair since day 1 which is super convenient and lovely so I popped on over on Saturday morning after my eyebrow wax (ooer) and got my hair done! I asked for it to be blonder than the last time and i'm so glad I did, i really like the way it turned out. It looks quite fab, if i do say so myself!  I won't be getting this done again for a long time now as I fear my hair will snap off/fall out from all the bleaching its gone through, poor thing. I'm just gonna enjoy it whilst it lasts.

Aaaaannnddddd i'm done. That's all from me, it was only a short post today as due to my over excitement I could not wait another whole week to share with all 2 of my followers (yipee) my new do! See you all on friday for a longer more planned out and sophisticated (hopefully, i cannot plan my mood for these things) blogpost.

Pip pip!
Alex xx

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  1. I just got ombre hair! woo! snaps!
    I love mine and your looks lovely :)

    Great blog too, glad I found it and will like now x

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