Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Goodbye GFC, Hello Bloglovin!


As you probably already know, google has (stupidly) decided to remove GFC from Blogger (you know, all your little smiling faces in the box the the right?), what the hell right! Luckily for us, Bloglovin' has come to save the day! Hooray!

Bloglovin is a handy little website that allows you to follow all your favourite blogs and keep up to date with all their recent posts. I've been using bloglovin for ages now and I think its so easy to use and it's super efficient, there's even an app for Androids and iPhones which is fantastic for reading on the go. Only 9 of you currently follow me on it so if the rest of you lovely people could click HERE and pop on over and give me a follow I would love you forever and ever. You can also follow me over there by clicking on the white heart in the pink bubble over to the right under my mini bio with the rest of my links, you see it?

Thanks! See you all soon! 
Pip pip!
Alex xx

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