Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hey Hey to USA!

Hola! or should I say...Aloha!

As you may or may not know, for the past 17 days I have been off prancing around various parts of America! aahhhh! I had the most amazing time and thought I would share with you a few of the photos and give you a mini run through of what went down in hamburger-a-go-go land, what do you think? (well it doesn't matter because i've already written this blogpost so you're gonna get it whether you like it or not!)

The Disney Castle where all the princesses live.

After two long flights and a good night's sleep (and a day at Venice Beach), we decided to pop into the happiest place on earth, DISNEYLAND!! Now, i'm a massive Disney freak so when you put me in an environment with Disney songs constantly playing over loudspeakers everywhere and Disney characters walking around and REAL LIVE DISNEY PRINCESSES you know some serious shiz is gonna go down! My favourite ride was The Little Mermaid one and I was singing along the whole time and everything was so amazing! I just wanted to break out of my little clam shell and sing and dance with Sebastian and his fishy orchestra! I had the most magical three days at Disney and California Adventure and have now decided that my life goal is to become a Disney princess (preferably Belle, but Ariel or Cinderella is also fine) in Disneyland and fall in love with my prince charming.

The famous Universal Studios globe.
After the whole Disney shindig, we had a day at Universal Studios which was super awesome. We went on the Transformers, Jurassic Park and The Mummy rides which were all absolutely phenomenal! We also did a studio tour where you go on a trolley/tram type of thing and they take you around and show you all these sets of really cool movies! We drove through Whoville and there was this amazing King Kong stimulation right at the end! After the park shut we did some shopping in the stores outside it and there was this shop called It's Sugar which was filled with every sweet and chocolate imaginable! I bought soooo much in that store, oh man!

Our hotel the "New York New York" (yep, thats a rollercoaster you can see there)

We then jumped into our rental cars and prepared ourselves for the big ass road trip from LA to Las Vegas for two nights! We just went to see it what it was like and we ended up having a pretty good time. We only had one day there so we split up (family wise, I didn't go wandering off in Vegas by myself) and headed over to the South Premium Outlets to do a spot of shopping! The outlets were flippin amazing, they was so big! It took us 15 minutes to walk from one end to the other! My family bought tonnes from the Nike outlet and a few bits and bobs from other places but everyone was getting tired and cranky so we ended up heading back to chill by the pool and get some food. We went to a restaurant called Bubba Gump's and I swear to you, I have never tasted better calamari in my whole entire life.

Waikiki Beach

After our last night in Vegas we jumped on a plane to Hawaii for our holiday from our holiday. We spent nine days there and it was so lovely and relaxing I did absolutely nothing the whole time, now thats my kind of holiday! I enjoyed the amount of sleep I got thoroughly and I was considerably less pissed off all the time (I had to get up at 6:30 every morning in LA. I was one unhappy chicken). It was mums birthday while we were there so my family got to go on a helicopter trip around the island...with the doors off! eeeeeek!! The ride was super amazing and we saw turtles and whales and the valley where Jurassic Park was filmed! On our last evening we hopped on a boat for a little float around the south side of the island which was really gorgeous and relaxing. Then we woke up early, got in our comfy clothes and were off to the airport to come back home! I was actually quite happy to be coming home, I missed sleeping in a bed to myself!

All in all it was the most magical experience i've had so far and I wanna go back and do it again! In hindsight, i kinda wish we had got to do more of LA...we only did Disney and didn't get to see much of actual California.

Have you gone on a family holiday overseas? Where did you go? Let me know!

Pip pip!
Alex xx


  1. Extremely jealous! I've never been overseas, let alone a plane, Dying to go to Hawaii though!

  2. Wow! I did almost exactly what you did haha. We went to States last December, LA to Vegas to San Diego. I loved it! (BTW hamburger-a-go-go land, that's from a book right, Georgia's books?)

    1. it is! well spotted! high five for georgia nicolson!! :D

  3. I went to Disney last year and I had an amazing time over there!! Favorite place in the world! :)

    Love your blog! can you check mine? ♥