Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The 2013 Christmas Tag

Aaahh christmas, my favourite time of the year. The songs, weather, films, food, I just can't get enough of it! I was recently tagged by my good pal Alice to do this and I do love me a good Christmas tag so I'm just gonna jump right in!

1. Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or a synthetic one?
If it's a matter of preference then definitely a  real one but unfortunately the scent of a real Christmas tree really sets off me and my mums allergies so we have to get a synthetic one so we're not sneezing and wiping our watery eyes and runny noses all December long. I do love our tree though, it has built in lights! So cool!

2. You're in a coffee shop, it's December, what do you pick? 
December where I live is insanely hot so probably some sort of iced tea or like a frappé or something. But in saying that, I can't pass up a good ol' gingerbread hot chocolate from Starbucks. They're too yummy!

3. Whats your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree? 
Personally I love silver, red and white but our tree is just full of random decorations that we've collected throughout the years which I also love. It gives a Christmas tree that personal touch. Me and my brother still have our first Christmas baubles with our names on them hanging on our tree that we got when we were but wee youngens freshly borned into the world! ;)

4. Giving or receiving? 
I bloody love giving presents. I love thinking about what i'm gonna get everyone and then going out shopping for it and then wrapping it up really nicely and then seeing their reaction when they open it! It's so much fun! Although I certainly  won't say no to receiving presents that's for sure so I like both.

5. To mince pie or not to mince pie?
To mince pie. Always to mince pie.

6. What's your traditional Sunday lunch? 
Well because it's quite hot in Australia on Christmas we tend to have a sitting of cold seafood first like prawns and crab and lobster and stuff and then later on for dinner we have the whole turkey, baked potatoes, salads all that kind of stuff. I eat so much I practically have to waddle away from the table!

7. Christmas Day fashion? 
As I've said about a billion times in this post, it's a hot summers day on Christmas so I just wear a nice summer dress (usually white) with some sandals or heels, depending on the occasion, and a nice red lip to get in the festive spirit. The first half of Christmas Day is actually spent in my pyjamas but when it's time to go out to whoever's house Christmas is being held at that year this is what I usually get changed into.

8. What's your favourite Christmas song? 
I have too many! My favourite favourites would have to be Sleigh Ride, All I Want For Christmas Is You, Justin Bieber's version of Santa Clause is Coming To Town and Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). My favourite Christmas album though is the Michael Buble one, listening to his voice feels like you're diving into a pool of hot melted chocolate. His wife is one lucky gal.

9. What's your favourite Christmas film? 
I love Elf, The Polar Express, Home Alone, The Grinch, all of the Santa Clause series and Love Actually. The Snowman is also a childhood favourite of mine. You know what I just love all Christmas films.

10. Open presents before or after lunch?
Before! We open or presents as soon as we wake up!

I would like to tag everyone who's interested but specifically Rosie, AndreaJasmine and Sian.

What are you most looking forward to for Christmas? Let me know!

Pip pip!
Alex xx


  1. Yay you did it chummy! I can't imagine it being hot at christmas :p x


  2. Great answers! Thanks for the tag, I'll get on this shortly ;)

  3. i love his tag !! would you like to follow each other on GFC and on bloglovin :) xx