Friday, 17 May 2013

Special Delivery!


I know its been a while since i've posted and i'm very sorry. I've just got tonnes of assignments and i'm just about to go into exams and ARG! Anyways, I was a-scrollin through asos and came across a couple of things I really liked and after intensive begging, I bought them!

I ended up buying a pair of boots and a pair of tights for the fast approaching cold months.

New Look Calypo Studded Black Flat Boots-$38.43
view from the side
view from the back
close up of the stud detailing
I really needed some new black flat ankle boots as my ones from last year, which were absolutely gorgeous, grew mouldy and mildew at the back of my wardrobe which i'm terribly allergic to and I had to throw them out. I have been on the lookout for a new pair for a while now and i've been loving the stud trend thats in at the moment so when I saw these I knew they were the ones for me! I had seen a few around like this but they weren't as nice and were way more expensive so I felt I really couldn't go wrong. I can tell i'll be pretty much living in these boots this winter, look how nice they are! I love the way they dip at the front and the back and how the studs are only on one side of the boot, the perfect pair of casual boots in my opinion! 

ASOS Swallow Print Tights- $13.37

What they look like on (minus the weird circles, thats just the camera)

I didn't really need these but I saw them on the side bar as a "recommended item" and I couldn't scroll past. I super love them, and at 13 bucks were super affordable! I wore them with the boots last night on a night out and they looked super cute! If you follow my instagram (alexxhorne), you will be able to see the outfit I wore (just a casual plug there).

I really like asos, it has clothing to suit everyone and free shipping! Now that makes me one happy camper! I'm absolutely sick of websites making the shipping just as much as the product you want to buy, it's just ridiculous and unnecessary in my opinion. I'll leave the link HERE so you can check them out. Just a quick warning, I may not be posting much in the upcoming weeks as I have exams soon and I really need to study but i'll see what I can do. Have a fantastic weekend! 

Pip pip! 
Alex xxx
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  1. I love those boots! Asos are one of my favourite shops at the moment :) x

    1. same! I can just scroll through for hours!

    2. I saw on my blog that you were a bit confused about the liebster award, so basically, you answer the 11 questions I asked you, then write 11 facts about yourself, nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 of your own questions, hope that clears it up! X

  2. Love those tights! Asos is great!

  3. Love these tights!
    Great blog, following

  4. Aleckay I should be doing my Geo assignment that's due tomorrow but I thought i would just check my blogger dashboard to see if there was anything interesting I could read later when BAM your thing poped up and i was like i will read that later but then i started and couldn't stop and now I'm gonna try and do my assignment BYE

  5. I love these tights! Super lovely, imagining pared with a floral summer dress - very cute.